“Red Light, Green Light”

Red Light, Green Light

Kiara Morris, Junior

The “Squid Game” is a popular upcoming show featured on Netflix. The show was an original idea written in 2009 by Hwang Dong-hyuk, a Korean film director.  It was filmed and produced in Korea in 2020, later debuted worldwide on September 17th, 2021. From its release date, the show was a huge hit, obviously. Especially on social media and in areas where larger gatherings were possible.

The nine-episode show focuses on 456 dirt poor Korean citizens that were owed tons of money to people. To them, they were invited to a secret competition that would get them rich…fast. What they didn’t know were the deadly children’s games they had to play to get the prize money. When finding that out, of course, everyone’s eyebrows are raised and everyone is rethinking the decision to participate. Later in the show, they are given the opportunity to leave the competition and save their lives.

You would think they would get out of the competition and stay outright? Well no, they went back. So the games continued with most of everyone coming back. 

I watched the show a few weeks ago after I  was tired of hearing the show being talked about everywhere I went.

To say the least, the show was pretty good. The suspense was real and I was always either yelling at the screen or crying into my pillow.

I’m more of a movie person, I usually don’t watch tv shows because I get bored fast, not with Squid Games, though. When I tell you I was never bored or felt like I was losing interest, believe me. I literally watched the whole show in one night, that’s how invested in the show I was. I’m almost positive it’s because there were other side stories pleasuring my “unable to focus” mind.

Like in the TV show, there’s this cop that is looking for his brother while the games are going on. He believes that his brother went to participate in the games. So not only are we focusing on the games and who’s surviving, we got this undercover cop looking for his brother who, plot twist (spoiler alert!), is the commentator for the games!

There are many plot twists within this show and that’s something you don’t see in anything nowadays, it’s really refreshing actually.

So, all that being said, I give it a 4 out of 5 socks.