Urinetown the Musical


Crystal Villani, Junior

A new musical is on the horizon coming this February! It’s called Urinetown the Musical, the musical is a sarcastic comedy off-broadway show. It’s set in a parallel universe in the mid 1900’s with the majority of the citizens in low-class by a water-shortage. This February, our Spotlight Players will be singing and dancing in front of a live audience!

“This is the first musical that Hancock is performing [in person] in two years, due to the pandemic,” Megan Smith, Junior said. “So, what I am most looking forward to seeing is the talent and the excitement that all my fellow actors are going to bring to this show.”

One of our teachers here, Mr. Bosaw, is the director [and participating in] of the recreated musical.  

 “It’s a really fun show with a lot of really interesting humor and I think it’s going to be extremely entertaining. I’m excited to get to be in with the kids and perform in a great show!” Bosaw said.  

There will definitely be laughter and smiles to come! 

“It’s designed to be a comedy, a funny show with elements of drama and deeper story telling in it. I think they’ll [the audience] really really enjoy the humor that is a part of the show,” Bosaw stated. 

But Mr. Bosaw will not be the only teacher who will take part in the musical.

“Mrs. Denton, Miss Jordan, and I will all three have roles in the show,” Bosaw shared. “I’ll be playing Mr. Cladwell. Mrs. Denton will be playing ‘Barrel’ who is one of the police officers in the show. Miss Jordan will be playing Mr. McQueen which is like Mr. Cladwell’s right hand person.”

Although this is a student play, teachers have started to partake in them. Creating a sense of unity and outlets throughout the entire school. 

“Participating in plays and musicals gives me an outlet where I can be somebody else for a little while. I get to portray a character and their life to people, rather than my own life to people,” Smith added. 

Being in front of many people creates a sense of fear, however many love to take in that task. 

“Honestly, openly singing in front of an audience is terrifying to me, but I do it knowing that it is all part of some bigger show. No one is necessarily worried about whether you mess up or not,” Smith said.