Outer Banks, a Golden Show


Mackenzie Lattray, Freshman

 Outer Banks is a Netflix original series with three seasons and 30 episodes in total. The show first started streaming on Netflix in April of 2020. The main character is 17 year old John B (played by Chase Stokes) who lives on his own after his dad died. I really enjoy this series because it was always eventful and never left me bored while watching. 

Outer Banks is a mystery teen drama about a group of teenagers on a hunt for gold, also including their bonds/relationships made, and their lifestyles. The show takes place in Outer Banks, North Carolina, which is a very tropical, exotic place with a summer vibe. For example a lot of scenes take place on beaches, and the background music is upbeat and tropical. The friend group including the main character John B and his friends, Kiara, Jj, and Pope also are always shown in scenes swimming and on their boat.

The show in general just has a good atmosphere and feel of it all. Words to describe this show are definitely exciting, suspenseful, and has a lot of good action. I love how when I’m watching the show it makes me feel like I’m there. I recommend this show to anyone who loves being on the edge of their seat when they watch a film. 

Season 1 really just introduces the main friend group and their lifestyles. It shows that there are two sides of Outer Banks, the Pogue side and the Kook side. The Pogue side is kinda the lower class poor people who do what they want and the Kook’s are rich fancy people who are expected more of. The Pogue and Kook titles are just labels they all use to separate them rather than just saying rich and poor.

Season 2 is more of where they start actually showing their journeys and adventures that the pogues go on also more deaths and John B does jail time. The adventure that they take on is searching for this gold which has been a mystery forever in their time, but the reason John B and his friends decide to do this in the first place is because it was John B’s dad, Big John Routledge’s destiny to find this gold and get rich. John B and his dad always were working on this mystery while he was growing up, until he died so John B took on the journey with his friends.

Season 3 covers more of them during their long mysterious journey together, as they unravel more things about it. It also covers in depth relationships made along the way. 

Outer Banks is currently in the top 10 watched on Netflix and ranked as #1 tv show today. It’s very popular again right now because of the third season. The third season was really good and I liked it alot. I enjoyed watching it a little more than the other seasons only because we saw a lot more of the relationships that are popular,and just specific things that if you watch the first two seasons, you might have been waiting for since then. Overall I think the whole series collectively is outstanding and I think no matter what genre of shows you might be into, you will love it.