Top 5 Netflix Shows


Aundrea Hamilton and Kandace Taylor

Looking for shows to watch over Spring Break? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have The Walking Dead, You, Lucifer, The Witcher, and Ginny and Georgia.

We all have probably wondered if the apocalypse would ever happen and how it would be like, well The Walking Dead basically shows us what would happen. It is about a sheriff who was put into a coma and wakes up to a world where the dead are walking around, while he is trying to find his family before it’s too late. The Walking Dead is a finished show that has 11 seasons and together that is 177 episodes, which takes 5 days and 11 hours to finish. Most of the episodes will send you on an emotional rollercoaster. They will make laugh, cry, scream, on edge, and ect. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been on edge while watching this show.

But if the zombie apocalypse is not your thing, then maybe Lucifer is the show for you. Lucifer is about the devil taking a break from hell, so he went on a vacation to Los Angeles. While he’s there, he opens a club called The Lux and he saw someone get shot and started saying how he was going to give the person justice. So he became a civilian consultant for the police. The show has 6 seasons and altogether 93 episodes with possibly one more season coming soon. Taking a total of 2 days, 1 hour, and 57 minutes to finish. The funniest part of this whole show is the way Lucifer says detective. He says it like DeTeCtIvE.

But if you’re more into psychopaths and thriller-like shows, then You is just for you. Killing, stalking, obsession, and craziness are the words to describe You. It’s about a man named Joe Goldberg who will go to any lengths just to be in his significant other’s life. Even if it means getting rid of the people they love the most. But people these days are into psychopaths, so do you Joe. It has 4 seasons right now and is still ongoing, taking around 2 days.

Teens, school, secrets, racism, and interracial couples. That’s the gist of Ginny and Georgia.  The show is ongoing and has 2 seasons with 20 episodes, which all of that would take about 20 hours. It is about how Ginny, mom, and brother all move to a rich white neighborhood, which means a new school with drugs, drinking, and parties. Ginny would have to deal with racist stereotypes, making new friends, and keeping those friends. One thing that would make you cry tears of fear is a toothbrush.

Henry Calvin that’s all you need to know for this next show.  If you like Henry Calvin then you’ll like The Witcher. It is a 2 season show still ongoing, and it takes about 15 hours and 48 minutes to finish the show. In the show, Calvin is called Geralt of Rivia; he’s a mutant monster hunter roaming around the world killing monsters for money. Witchers aren’t very like they get discriminated against for no reason so on the way, he meets a bard named Jasiker who makes songs about him to make witchers more popular.

If we were to rank them from best to least best shows they would be The Walking Dead, Ginny and Georgia, You, The Witcher, and then Lucifer. These shows would be the best to watch during any sort of break whether it be Spring, Winter, or Summer.