Peoples Most Embarrassing Moments


Tahtyona Hardin and Kevin Bowen

What are your most embarrassing high school stories? You should not feel bad about them; they are part of the experience they tell you. But it is harder than it looks.

Here are some stories from other students, maybe they can help you feel better about yours. 

Our first story is a crazy one.“My ex and I broke up on a Sunday and when I came back on Monday, everyone knew about it and was all up in my business,” MacKenzie Large (10) replied. “After that, people kept coming up to me and asking who cheated on who and showing me pictures of the girls he was with when we were together.”  This is nothing less than crazy! 

This story is sure to be an insane one. “I ate butter that was shaped like a rose and I thought it was chocolate,” Rebecca Mallory (12)  said. “Then someone walked up to me and I  had to act like I wasn’t eating butter”

Another is something we all have done at least once. “One time I was walking down the stairs and I fell down the stairs right in front of the guy I liked,” Clowey Bell (10) said.

If this happened to you, it would probably be the worst day. “I was walking to class and I had my tray from lunch,” Amara Caradine (11) said. “I was walking up the stairs and I tripped and fell. My whole tray landed on my white clothes.”

What would you do in these situations? Have you experienced any embarrassing stories that are worse than these?