Spring Concert Showcase


Miranda Guss, Sophomore

This year’s Spring concert will be held Wednesday, May 10th, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Performance Art room, 103. The band and choir will both play at this event. 

At the Spring concert, the choir and band will perform a combination of ten songs. The choir will sing four songs. The band will play six songs. 

The choir will perform “The Rose” by Ola GJeilo, “Ritmo” by Dan Davison, “Wayfarin’ Stranger” by Reginald Unterseher, and “Seal Lullaby” by Eric Whitacre. “Ritmo” is a song that will be sung in Latin with an accompaniment of storms, snaps, and claps. 

The band will perform “Black Forest Overture” by Michael Sweeney, “Celtic Air & Dance” by Michael Sweeney, “Fragile” by Randall D. Sandridge, “Arch of Triumph” by Johnnie Vinson, “Seconds Out” by Samuel R. Hazo and “The Machine Awakes” by Steven Bryant. Fragile is a piece that is dedicated to the “Unbroken Project.” 

The “Unbroken Project” raises awareness of Mental Health issues It is composed of pieces to show different mental health challenges. The song “Fragile” focuses on manic depression. It expresses what someone might feel with certain mental illnesses in music that may not receive the support they need. 

“I feel that it is important to bring more awareness to mental illness in our society today as it is far more prevalent than others realize,” Bosaw Band and Choir director said.