The “Hargreeves” Siblings


Kiara Morris, Junior

The Umbrella Academy is an action/adventure show on Netflix, I would say a little bit of sci-fi too but that’s not the official genre. Created by Steve Blackman, US, and Canadian television writer, produced by, Jeremy Slater.

The show is based on the comics created in 2007 by Gerard Way, also being executive producer of the show, he produced the show to follow the first volume of comics “Apocalypse Suite.”  The show premiered February 15, 2019, and was renewed for another season which then premiered July 31, 2020. The show is getting a 3rd season set to premiere in 2022, can you see my excitement?

The first season reels in on the very weird birth of 43 kids in October 1989. Why is it weird you may ask, the 43 women that birthed the kids were impregnated and gave birth on the same day. Imagine that in the real world, yikes! Any-who, Sir Reginald Hargreeves billionaire industrialist, set a mission to adopt as many of these kids as possible. This leads us to the seven main characters; Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, and Vanya.

 Here’s why the show takes an interesting turn: all 43 children were born with powers! Growing up, Hargreeves then trained these kids to harness their powers and learn to control them but in turn, caused the kids to have a colorless childhood; he wasn’t a… very loving father. For example, he didn’t give them proper names until later in their childhood, instead, he numbered them. He would call them by their numbers, how un fatherly can you get?

The children all have to come back to the home they struggled in due to Hargreeves passing abruptly. It follows their journey of joining back together trying to piece together their father’s mysterious passing, cue mysterious and foggy air. 

Before I fully committed to this show I clicked, watched the first few seconds then clicked off… multiple times. It took me being so bored to actually watch the show, I regret it so much because now this show has a special place in my heart. 

Being that I have a hard time paying attention, any show that I watch has to be filled to the brim, like to the tippy top, with action and drama. This show was like SpongeBob times 10! It has sibling drama, majestic powers, relatable characters, characters you wanna punch in the face, the list can literally go on and on.

 In season 2 of the show, Klaus or number 4, literally started a cult because that’s just what Klaus would do. Every sibling in the show has unique personalities but all show different forms of comic relief, which I appreciate.

 Usually, in TV shows they leave that up to one character, and more likely than not that character throughout the show has the same jokes/humor which I know for a fact doesn’t make everyone laugh. This show has dark humor, deadpan humor like it’s not exclusive to a certain group of people. Though the humor is good, it’s not carrying the show, *Cough cough* “On My Block”. 

The plot has the idea of a bunch of anti-heroes that are broken trying to fix a broken world. It’s the best way I can explain it and it’s definitely worth a watch. With that being said I give this amazing show, not being biased, 5 out of 5 socks.