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Kegan Price

I am Kegan Price, this is my senior year at Hancock High School, I'm actually apart of the 100th graduateing senior class. I joined journalism, because I need a practical arts credit to graduate, but other than the fact that Mr. Murphy mentioned food, I don't care about this class what so ever. I'm a part of the High School soccer team, Hancock F.C, and I play attacking wing. I also play guitar, I'm currently learning how to play "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance, my favorite band. My favorite song by MCR is "Heaven Help Us". I like to play video games, my favorite game at the moment is "Rogue Company", it's 3rd person shooter game were you play in 4v4 round based game modes. My favorite mode is "Strikeout" were your team shares 16 lives accumulativly, to win a round you have to take away all the enemy teams live, and to win the game, you have to three rounds. I main Dima, a Russian explosives expert with a grenade launcher. Finally, I really like to read, I'm currently reading the "Skulduggery Pleasant" series, which is about a skeleton sorceror, who's also a detective, and his partner/sudent Valkeryie Cain, as they solve mysteries and save the world.

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Kegan Price