On a Roll

Senior Korie Michaelis bowls as a hobby in her ‘spare’ time.
On a Roll

Some may only think of bowling as an activity you occasionally enjoy with family or friends. However for others, such as senior Korie Michaelis, bowling is anything but occasional. 

Over the past twelve years, Michaelis has knocked thousands of pins down. Starting as a hobby and expanding to include her workplace, bowling has affected nearly every aspect of her life.

“Bowling is all I’ve ever known,” Michaelis says, “I’ve always bowled, I’ve never done any other sports.”

At five years old, Korie’s father introduced her to the sport that would define her life in more ways than one. Over time, her love for bowling grew and her technique steadily improved. Currently, Michaelis has an average of 167.

In addition, she claims her physical health has improved greatly as a result. “It made me more active, and kept me from being a couch potato all the time.” Michaelis said.

Her freshman year of high school, Korie was invited to join the Lindbergh Flyers, the bowling team for Lindbergh High School. Later, Michaelis joined a league with a few of her close friends and is currently part of their team “The Bandits.” These opportunities have led to the development of her character and allowed her to meet new people.

Michaelis confirms this saying, “I get to make new friends and learn new perspectives of the people around me.”

Also during freshman year, Michaelis began working as a team member at Crestwood Bowl. She takes phone calls, handles business at the front desk, and cleans the bowling alley before closing. At nearly every corner of Korie’s life, bowling is involved in some shape or form. 

“It’s very fun, very chill,” she said. “Basically one big break unless something goes wrong.”

Though some may get tired of being so heavily surrounded with one thing, Michaelis always finds a way to make the best of every situation. Not one day is the same as the last, and every experience creates a lasting impression.

There often isn’t a simple explanation for someone’s love of a sport, but Michaelis sums it up saying, “I just like throwing things at other things.”

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