Where Are They Now? Brittany Conners, Class of ’09


Crystal Villani, Senior

HHS alumna Brittany Conners graduated the class of 2009 and since then she has co-written and published a book. 

After graduating from Hancock Conners became a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Certified Digital Wellness Educator and a published co-writer of the book Introduction to Occupational Therapy with Dr. Jane Clifford O’Brien. 

“Co-authoring, writing, marketing and publishing our book still feels surreal. I still can’t believe we did it, that this opportunity was given to me, and that so many people will be able to share the joy we had in making the book feel good. I am very honored,” Conners said.   

Dr. Brittany Conners doesn’t plan on stopping or putting her career on hold anytime soon. 

“I am striving for my business to grow, start new businesses, travel for fun and to support clients, and have fun doing it!” Conners said. “I may change careers or add careers to support my existing work as an OT (occupational therapy), I am extremely excited for all the possibilities to evolve, inspire and live a full life,” Conners said. 

Conners relies on her skills and capabilities for guidance throughout her life. 

“I am letting myself be led where my being, skills, gifts, and interest lead me. It’s allowed me to feel liberated and free in my choices to design a life truly love living,” Dr. Conners said. 

Even though Conners has been out of Hancock for quite some time now, she reminisces on her memories she’s made throughout her high school years. 

“My class was the first to move into the new High School building at the time. We went from a high school that has to let us out some days due to the heat to having a brand new, colorful, A/C chilled, modern building,” Conners said. “Hancock was considered a smaller school district when I was there, and I felt like it made a lot of us feel closer to one another and our teachers.”

After co-writing her book, Conners reflected on the love and support that Hancock has given her for her big accomplishment.  

“Hancock has shown me so much love. They always have,” Conners said. “I love them so much for everything they’re given me over the years.”

Conners gives thanks to Hancock for all the support they still give.   

“I just want to thank everyone at Hancock, including this journalism team, for continuing to be a highlight of my life,” Conners said.  “I am so proud to be a Tiger.”