Breaking Out of the Library


Lana Ejneid and Drina Dullovi

Have you ever built a snowflake? Broke out of an ‘escape room’ box? Or created a new invention in the library? Well, there are a lot of fun challenges that you can do and get prizes for. 

These challenges began in October. The first one was that the students had to build a catapult and see if they could launch an eyeball across the library the farthest. In the same month, there was also a Lego challenge to see who could build the scariest or the most creative Lego monster. Another challenge that they did was the Strawbees challenge where they had to build cool designs.

“I liked seeing all the cool designs. One of my favorite ones is the recycling challenge where they had to build a new invention or make an invention better out of recycled materials. I liked the things people came up with. I was blown away by their creativity,” Mrs. Dunn said. 

Everyone gets a prize and it’s usually like a bag of candy or a full sized candy bar. And sometimes it was a drawing. For the Breakout EDU boxes challenge, if the students were successful, they got to spend 2 dollars at the coffee bar.

Here are some winners:

Freshman Nina Annette Ndonwi won the Breakout box challenge, and she earned a coffee bar coupon. Her favorite challenge was this challenge because she had the most fun with it. She also completed the snowflake challenge where you had to build snowflakes.

The hardest challenge was the snowflake building challenge because I struggled to put the pieces together,” Ndonwi said. 

Another student that won the breakout box challenge was junior Hailey McKay, and she won a drink and a snack. Her favorite challenge was the strawbees challenge. But the hardest challenge for her was the break out boxes.

I think the breakout challenge was the hardest because you have to figure out the codes,” McKay said.

Freshman Adam OBrochta was one of the winners of the winter lego challenge. He loves engineering and decorating small details, and he’s good at building things. 

I enjoy the library challenges because it gives a small break from school and can expand people’s artistic and engineering skills,” OBrochta said. “The only grades are only if you win or lose, so there is no academic struggle that comes with it.”

Mrs. Dunn also likes to do a lot of different activities like creative and academic things.

“I have a blackout poetry, sometimes they pull out the button maker and just  make a button,” Mrs. Dunn said.

The challenges are a good addition to the school because it helps students develop new skills and meet new people who enjoy the same thing as them. This week, going into May, there will be relaxing stuff like coloring and quiet peaceful music because of the EOCs taking place.