Required Social & Emotional Learning Program Gets Mixed Reviews


Angel Robinson, Senior

It’s the end of the semester, you have a lot of work to get done, and you walk into advisory expecting to get missing work completed but you have to put it aside. 

Due to Missouri rules, students now have to complete Suite 360 during advisory. Brandy Yarbrough, Director of School Counseling, explains the purpose of Suite 360.

“In response to COVID-19, DESE (The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) implemented a COVID-19 social and emotional learning initiative, called REACH,” Yarbrough said. REACH is an acronym for, “Recognizing needs, Educating schools and communities, Adapting to a ‘new normal’, Connecting to resources, Helping build SEL capacity.”

Suite 360 isn’t exclusive to the high school students. 

“High schooler’s are not the only students using Suite 360.  This is a district-wide curriculum, thus grades K-12 participate in the weekly lessons,” said Yarbrough. 

The future of Suite 360 has been determined. 

“This program won’t go away anytime soon. Although it originated as a result of COVID, there is an increasing focus on helping students achieve social and emotional wellness,” Yarbrough said.  

Students express their thoughts about the quiz section on Suite 360. 

“I don’t like how they just make you do the post quiz and it takes forever to do,” said freshman Alexandra Malloy-Gonzalez.

To some, Suite 360 isn’t a problem and is a good reminder.

“It’s really easy. It’s a recap,” said freshman Jaden Berry.

Kegan Price says who should be using Suite 360.

“I think it’ll be better for middle schoolers rather than high schoolers,” he said. “ Middle scholars are more at a developing state rather than high schoolers,”.

Seniors expressed their opinions on the impact of Suite 360. 

“It’s kinda unnecessary,” said Jayden Stokes. “They show us stuff that we already know,”. 

Mr.s Williams shared his opinion on Suite 360. 

“I think it’s interesting,” he said. “I think social and emotional learning is super important.”