Senior Spotlight: Matamoros Decides on Her Future


Crystal Villani, Senior

Are you ready for college? Are you ready to make a huge commitment to your future?

Many HHS seniors have been thinking about their future and their plans after high school. Some are also striving for scholarships, financial aid, and more importantly, deciding on the path that will take them to their future.

On Sunday, April 9th Senior Ashley Matamoros announced her commitment to continue her academic career at Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U). Ashley plans on double majoring in Chemistry and Cognitive Brain Sciences on the Pre-Medicine track. 

“I choose both Chemistry and Cognitive Brain Sciences as my majors because I find both of these subjects interesting. I’ve been able to take a few Chemistry courses, and I’ve loved them,” Matamoros said.  

So many people choose Wash U to continue their academic path for a number of reasons. Anyone who comes to Wash U will be surrounded by so many intelligent, kind, driven, and unique individuals who make the experience there so valuable.

Matamoros picked Wash U for various reasons, including that the University is close to home. 

“This is something important to me because I want to be able to see my family,” Matamoros said.

She also picked Wash U because of its good Pre-Med program, as well as the support they have for their students.

“From my experience, Wash U has shown me that they care about their students and that they are willing to help them throughout various facets of their lives,” Matamoros said. 

Deciding on a school could be hard for some students because they need to decide on some important factors, such as, is it the best fit for me? and will I have the support I need?

“My biggest issue when deciding on a school was the cost and overall support from the school. I wanted to attend a university where I could graduate with little to no debt and Wash U fulfilled this,” Matamoros said. “ I also wanted to find a university that supported me as a first-generation student and Wash U definitely has resources and programs to help FGLI (first-generation, lower-income) students,” Matamoros said. 

Wash U provides many unique features and offers many opportunities for new students to discover and accomplish. 

“I think the best feature Wash U has is its community and I feel that having this community will definitely improve my university experience. I am in the Wash U College Prep Program, so Wash U has been supporting and guiding me since the 9th grade,” Matamoros said. “ They’ve given me so many resources to ensure that I am ready for college and I know that when I go to Wash U in the fall, I will have a whole community of people ready to support me,” Matamoros said.