Need a Job This Summer?

Need a Job This Summer?

Brooke Harris and Donubari Delolo

Are you looking for a summer job? We have some tips just for you.

Before you begin your job hunt, be sure to decide what industry you want to work in. Ask your currently employed friends if there are any openings at their places of employment. Moreover, you might hunt for jobs on websites like Indeed, SimplyHired, STL Youth Jobs, and LinkedIn. Most small jobs like fast food start at around $12.13 an hour. The St.Louis Zoo is offering food court positions for ages 15 and up starting at $13.25.

When writing your resume be sure to list the specific abilities the job is seeking before you begin writing. It’s okay to list talents and traits on your resume even if they aren’t directly related to the job or position because the more useful you sound, the better. If you have no job experience, add activities that you have done before that could be useful. “When I filled out my resume I was inexperienced and honest and my boss really admired that,” Jahlan Clemmons (11) said.

When it comes time for your interview, clean yourself up nicely. Business casual clothing would be preferable because you do not need a suit or dress if you are at a fast food interview. Use formal language when speaking to your employer and try to make eye contact. Make sure you are punctual or even early to the interview. 

Interviews can be a little nerve-wracking but don’t let them intimidate you. “It’s ok if you don’t understand the question that’s asked. It’s ok to say ‘hey can you repeat that part?’” Counselor Steinhauff said. 

Don’t be discouraged if you do not get the job. There are plenty of other places you can try.