Where Are They Now? Brooke Kenneally, Class of ’17


Crystal Villani, Senior

Welcome to our new segment -“Where Are They Now?”- where we catch up with recent HHS graduates!

HHS alumna Brooke Kenneally graduated the class of 2017 and, since then, she has found a love for her career.

“I’m a Veterinary Technician – basically a nurse for animals,” Kenneally said. “I’ve known I always wanted to do something medical, and I found a love for animals so it was really the best of both worlds.” 

Throughout your four years at Hancock, it teaches you life lessons even if they’re small it sticks with you all throughout your life.  

“Hancock has taught me it was okay to go to trade school instead of a university,” Kenneally said.  

After graduating from HHS and going to trade school for veterinary tech, Kenneally started taking her first baby steps into adulthood. 

“I got two college degrees, started my career, and became a mom to my two fur babies and a gecko,” Kenneally said. 

After being out of HHS for six years, Kenneally reminisces on her time here. 

“It seems like forever ago, but I’ll always remember the time I spent with my sports teammates,” Kenneally said.  “But also all my friends in drama club and skills USA.”