An Authentic Pizzeria Experience


Mariyah Moss, Junior

Mama Mel’s Pizzeria on Telegraph Road is a pizza joint open 4-8 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and  Thursday, 12-9 on Friday,  and 4-9 on Saturday. They’re closed on Sunday and Monday.

Mama Mel’s provides a menu offering different types of pizza, sides like breadsticks, cheese fries, and more. They have certain specials but not any kids meals or anything of that sort. They do have items that have gluten in them (which are labeled).

I ordered a large bacon and sausage pizza with a side of provolone cheese fries and two Mystic drinks. All of this came out roughly to 28 dollars. I would definitely recommend the pizza. The pizza wasn’t too cheesy and they are very generous with the meat which I am a fan of. The cheese fries on the other hand were ok. I ate them but the cheese got stale and cold very quickly. 

The customer service was great and the servers were polite. One of our very own Tigers, junior Chris Mathews, worked very quickly to get me and others food out as fast as he could. There was another woman in the building helping Chris. She took the phone calls when she could. When she got hung up on, she took it like a champ and went back to help. 

The atmosphere is very kid-friendly and family-oriented. It’s a bit small but has space for about 3-4 parties. I would say the environment is very light and airy if you get my drift. There are many windows enabling natural light.The restaurant was mostly quiet because most people come to pick their food up and go but If you wanted to dine in to eat it wouldnt be a bad idea.

I enjoyed my food and the establishment. The environment was clean, they were quick to get us our food. I would give my visit an overall B+. I would go back every couple months.