Do You Know Your ‘Lunch Squad’?


Jeannette Hahn is in the lunchroom serving lunch like any typical day. She serves hamburgers on a daily basis and loves it. Jeannette has been serving with Hancock for 41 Years!

Cheyenne Wilson, Junior

Do you ever realize how much time and effort is put into your breakfast and lunch that makes it so enjoyable? Hancock Place cafeteria is staffed by Chartwell’s who works with schools all over the world. 

We have lunch ladies who have been with Hancock for many years to a few that have only been here for a few months. Jeannette Hahn has been with Hancock for 41 years! She has been serving for a long time, but that’s what she loves doing.

“My favorite part about this job is getting to see the smile I put on the staff and students’ faces when I serve them. My favorite thing to serve is hamburgers, which seems to be a big hit at lunch time,” Hahn said. 

People who aren’t in school anymore or have an inside look at school lunches tend to miss the idea that there is a variety of food served.

“They have no idea the great quality of food we serve the students and staff and the nutritional value and the choices they have,” Tammy Ward said. 

Tammy has been working with Hancock for almost three years. She loves cooking at school and outside of school.

Her favorite thing to make is “desserts from scratch,” Tammy said. 

Tammy is a loving and caring person who loves working with people. She would like everyone to know “that we strive very hard to put the best quality of food out for the students and staff.” 

Not many people would know but Tammy has a daughter who also works with Hancock, Genia Ward. She is also apart of the “lunch squad” but just started this year. 

Genia enjoys the work schedule. “The hours allow me to be home when my daughters are home and I get to spend more time with my kids.” 

Genia also loves to cook no matter the place, “I like to make the cinnamon bananas and the students and staff seem to like it also.”

Genia is grateful she got the job working with Hancock. “This may not look like a fancy job but we all work very hard and put our heart and soul into everything we serve to the students and staff at HP,” she said.

There are also a lot of pressures that they face, anything from “receiving our orders” Tammy Ward said.  Genia Ward added, “not having everything prepared in time especially if we are waiting on a delivery truck” and ust making sure that the food doesn’t run out. 

The amount of pressure these ladies face during a day in order to prepare and distribute meals to the students of this community should be recognized and appreciated, and the student body of Hancock Place is truly grateful for their hard work and dedication. 

Please make sure you say thank you to our lunch squad and show them how much you appreciate them!