Mr. Bosaw Delivers the Power of Music to the Next Generation


Madison Puckett, Sophomore Editor

HHS teacher Mr. Evan Bosaw can still remember the excitement he felt two-and-a-half years ago when his school’s band was selected to perform at the Illinois Super-State band festival at Illinois University. Only around 30 bands around the state are able to receive this honor, and this was a proud moment for him as a teacher. 

“This was a goal that this group had been working towards for over two years,” Bosaw said. “To receive recognition for the musical achievement that this group achieved was an extremely impactful moment for both myself and all of the students in that band.”

Bosaw can remember the days when he was in his school band and how it positively impacted his life then, and now. 

“The fine arts were a way to utilize my skills; in school I wasn’t the most athletic person,” Bosaw said. “Because I went to a private school, I didn’t know many kids, so being in the music program gave me an outlet to meet new friends, build skills, and get a career.”

Bosaw originally taught in Decatur, Illinois, but with his expanding family, he and his wife decided it would be better to live closer to their families.

My transition from Illinois to Missouri was not intentional. My wife and I found out we were having our first child,” Bosaw said. “The event sparked our interest in moving back home closer to our families. While planning our move home the position at Hancock High School was open, and I decided to apply for and obviously accept the position.”

With how music was able to positively impact Mr. Bosaw, he suggests that all fine arts classes are beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

“Arts, in general, are important. It has been proven in many studies that both music and other fine arts classes increase scores in core classes,” Bosaw said. “Fine arts have so many positive benefits, including  it giving everyone the chance to find their outlet so they can be a successful member of society.”

Compared to the other schools Mr.Bosaw has worked at, Hancock is the first one he worked at that has a course catalog that is driven mainly by student interests. 

“This is the first school I taught that has group guitar and piano. While I know other schools have these classes, they are few and far between,” Bosaw said, “While classes like band and choir are common.”

With the choosing of 2022-2023 school year electives, there may be some barriers to the growth of the music department in the future. 

“I’ve noticed that due to scheduling issues, it is not currently possible for a student to stay in band/choir for all four consecutive years of high school,” Bosaw said. “While these problems are on a case-to-case basis, it can create barriers for some of our most talented students to choose between their favorite music class or another course.”

HHS offers multiple music courses this school year, some of these include Band, Choir, Guitar, and Piano. Mr. Bosaw suggests that if you are a student who is interested in joining one of his music classes and are struggling, reach out to him.

“With the current state of the music class offerings, my biggest advice is to come to communicate with me and to be sure you are ahead of the game when electing for your course work,” Bosaw said.