Stop the Violence! Keep the Peace!

An open letter to the students of Hancock High School:

Friday, February 18th, the staff was called into an emergency meeting about all these fights. But who should have been called into this meeting?  Us.

The teachers are not the problem. We are.  Who can solve the problem? We can.

It is okay to stand up for yourself, but there are ways to do that other than getting in a fight. It is not okay to get in a fight just because someone looked at you wrong. We need to grow up, if you have a problem with someone, be the bigger person.

Instead of pulling out your phone to take a video, get a teacher, do something so that the fight will end.

If you hear that one of your friends is going to fight someone, take it seriously. Talk to them. Tell them there are more things they can do then fight.

We aren’t asking you to jump in the middle of a fight, but do something that will make the fights stop. We also need to stop instigating these problems. If you know that your friend doesn’t like someone, don’t go around telling them this person said this. This makes the problems worse.

Do you really want to remember your school as the school that has fights everyday? That is embarrassing. You’re going to want to remember the fun things from high school – not who got in a fight that year.

Is this really how you want to end your school year? Be the change, not the problem. 


The 5th Hour Staff of The Growler