A Holly Jolly Concert


Madison Puckett, Sophomore Editor

On Tuesday, December 7th Hancock band and choir will be performing in the Middle School Gymnasium from 6:30-7:30 PM for their annual winter concert.

This year, both the band and the choir are performing multiple classic and modern-day holiday pieces for their annual winter concert. The choir will be singing six different songs, and the band will play four.

The choir will be singing “White Christmas” Arrangement by Ed Lojeski, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” arrangement by Frank Loesser, “December Rose” arrangement by Tom Fettke and Thomas Grassi, “White Winter Hymnal” arrangement by Alan Billingsley, “Christmas in 90 Seconds” arrangement by Michael Ryan, and finally “Still, still, still” arrangement by Norman Luboff.

 The band will be performing, “A Festive Holiday Overture” arrangement by Joe Snyder, “Carol For Coventry” arrangement by Robert W. Smith and conducted by Mrs. Aubrey Kennedy, “A Cartoon Christmas” arrangement by Michael Story, and finally, “Russian Christmas Music” arrangement by Michael Story.

Band and choir teacher Mr. Evan Bosaw is looking forward to sharing some of the most traditional Christmas music to demonstrate the band and choir’s hard work.

“This year’s Winter Concert is a celebration of the classic Christmas tunes and carols that have been performed and celebrated for several generations, with a few modern pieces worked into the mix as well,” Bosaw said.  “I am looking forward to presenting the works that both groups have spent so much time preparing and I hope the audience will experience a look back into some of their favorite holiday classics.”

There would be no concert without the performers, both band and choir members have strong opinions on how the winter concert is being approached.

Senior choir member Aviana Rose is ready and excited for this year’s choir concert. 

“I love the music we picked this year and it is way better music than last year,” Rose said. “I feel like last year’s performance was more strict on masks and this year is the same but I feel like there is more space for more people to watch.”

Sophomore band member Cheyenne Wilson is excited about the upcoming concert and feels like the band is well prepared. 

“I’m excited for the concert, we have been working on our music for a while and we’re sounding amazing! I really like the music I think they represent Christmas and what we’re trying to bring to the parents,” Wilson said.