The Best Way to Study

The Best Way to Study

Delaney Hart, Senior Editor

With finals coming up, I know a lot of people are freaking out. I have heard freshmen saying they don’t know how to study, and juniors saying they have too much to study.

I have had four years to perfect the way I study. I feel like I have finally found the best way to study and it actually benefits me.

Personally, I know I cannot study at home, and I don’t want to stay after school. So I usually go to public libraries.

The library by Grant’s Farm is a great one to go to. They have study rooms that are just like the ones at most Universities. These rooms look like glass boxes, they are soundproof and have the essentials that you will need. The rooms have white boards, outlets and plenty of space. These rooms make me feel like I can be productive.

I feel like good music can help you study as well. Music calms me so having it play in the background helps me so much. When I study I usually listen to Bob Marley, or The Beatles. The calmer the music the better.

So after you get a good environment it helps to bring another person with you, even if they aren’t actually studying themselves. I know the presence of someone helps me because I feel like if I have ideas, or questions, they can give me feedback. Also just knowing I’m not alone makes me feel better. I usually take my boyfriend because I know he can help me a lot, even though we aren’t in the same classes. Bringing someone that is in college helps, that is why I bring him because he can give me tips that will also prepare me for college. You can also bring older siblings that have experience with studying. 

I don’t think you need an excessive amount of materials when studying. I think all you really need is a notebook, or two, a pencil, a bright color pen, laptop, and flashcards.

I like to write things down a lot so I bring a lot of paper with me. I think the best way to start your studying is to start with your easiest class and end on your hard one. If your teacher gives you a study guide that is great. Use it! After you fill out the guide and you feel like you still need to study more, take terms, or problems, from the guide and put them on flashcards. Then you can have the person that came with you test you. I always thought that was stupid until I tried it, and it actually helps me more than I thought.

Sometimes it also helps to make yourself presentations with all the information you need on them. The process of making the presentation helps you study. Then present it, no one has to be in the room when you present, but saying the information out loud helps me remember it all. I also write all the information I need out on paper. Writing things on paper helps me remember and learn all the information I need for a class. 

So that’s all the tips I have for studying. Don’t stress! Finals aren’t as bad as you think they are. You got this, good luck!