Girl’s Basketball Bounces to a Start


Liberty Bodimer, Junior

Basketball season is always a big hit in the halls of HHS, and this year’s season is right around the corner. Many students cannot wait to get back into the bleachers and cheer on the Lady Tigers Basketball team. Not only the students, but the players also missed the court, and have been awaiting this year’s season to start. 

“I’m excited to play in the first game,” said Skylar Aliverina, junior.  “I miss playing basketball.” 

Luckily for the HHS community, Covid won’t stop the enjoyment students and staff members get from the girl’s vigorous basketball season. Although there will still be some obstacles the Lady Tigers will have to overcome, 

The winter season is a long season, and unfortunately Covid is still a threat that we are having to deal with,” said head coach, Laura Warner. “We have already started the season with some quarantines, so getting in the minimum number of practices before competition for some of the girls is challenging with quarantine situations.”

 Along with Covid-19, the girls have their schedules booked with other clubs and their academics. 

“As far as helping the girls plan, I give them detailed calendars of our practice/game schedule and I am understanding of participation in other groups and activities,” said Coach Warner.

 Thankfully, the pandemic can’t always keep the girls from playing.

 “Due to covid I did not play last year, which really did suck, and I came back because it’s my last year and it’s just one of the main sports I love to play,” said Kiara Moore, senior. 

With the season approaching quickly, this will be the beginning of the end for the seniors on the HHS basketball team. 

“It is kind of sad that this will be my last year playing basketball, because I have always had a great time playing basketball, and making memories with my fellow teammates,” said Moore. 

Despite being upset that it’s the end for them, their years of dedication will pay off as they encourage younger players.

 “Do not ever give up on anything, it might be a ball during a turnover, or just something in life in general,” said Moore. “Never give up because then you become a quitter and quitters never achieve great things. Always push to work your best even if it feels like you can’t do it.”