New Teacher Feature: Mr. Kalik May

Amira Caradine, Senior

Mr. Kalik May is one of Hancock’s newest science teachers this year.

May comes to HHS from Morton High being a Biology teacher and assistant coach at his old school.

Before I became a teacher at Hancock, I was a High school Biology Teacher at Morton High School in Mississippi. I also was an assistant baseball coach and assistant cross country coach,” May said

During the interview May had with administration about Hancock, meeting all the staff, and hearing about the students, May was sold on coming to teach at Hancock.

“In my interview the administration told me about this wonderful place and how I would fit in,” May stated. “The administration really sold Hancock on its individuality and they were super friendly. It is a place that had an opportunity for me and after meeting all the friendly staff and hearing about the tremendous students. It really felt like the place I belong.” 

Mr. May had strong reasoning on why chose to teach high schoolers.   

“I enjoy interacting with the students. The students are figuring themselves out and I really enjoy being in the students’ life and helping them come up with options for their future,” May said. “I enjoy the students being responsible and being able to function without constant structure. I like to let students do things their way because this is when they are at their best.” 

Mr. May is looking forward to connecting to his students, figuring out himself more as a teacher.

I am looking forward to continuing building strong relationships with students. Learning more and more about myself as a teacher. Looking forward to all the awesome things that make Hancock-Hancock!” May says.

According to May the school year has been filled with him getting to know his students more and his students getting to know him.

The school year has been filled with me getting acclimated and building relationships with students,” May exclaims. “I am new here and without a good teacher-student relationship, it is hard to interact and get the best out of each other. So far, I feel like it has been good getting to know my students and them getting to know me.”

Mr. May had some strong insides into why he chose to be a science teacher instead of a math teacher.

“Well, when I was deciding to become a teacher I really had two choices, Math or Science,” May stated. “I chose the latter because to me Math was actually easier but it was only numbers. Science gave those numbers meaning and also helped me understand the world around me. I realized how much I enjoyed learning about how the world works, and how science relates to everything.” 

Mr. May is from Northport Alabama which is close to Alabama University.

“I am from Northport, Alabama, which is right next to Tuscaloosa. Where the University of Alabama is located,” May stated.

Mr. May is the youngest of his family of boys and also has a set of twins in his family.

“I have three siblings, all older brothers.  Kyandre is my eldest brother.  Then there is Kendall and Kendrick who are twins 5 years older than me,” May said.

Mr. May enjoys spending time with his family and watching movies and Anime. He also plays sports during his free time.

“I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my two-year-old daughter Kamilla,” May said. “If I’m not doing anything with her I am most likely watching tv, an old school movie, or an anime. I also enjoy baseball and am also looking for ways to give back to the game.”