The Scoop on Homecoming


Madison Puckett, Sophomore Editor

The Homecoming dance is happening this year, it will take place Saturday, December 11th at The Pavillion in Lemay from 7:00-9:30 in the evening. Homecoming tickets will cost $15 per person. 

One big change the student council had to decide on was when a good date would be to have Homecoming.

Because of all of the uncertainty that comes with hosting events during covid, STUCO decided that It would be easier to hold Homecoming in December as opposed to October like they have done in the past.

“Up until the middle of October, we were not sure that StuCo would be allowed to host a homecoming dance. Once we did get the green light, instead of trying to throw something together without ample planning time, we opted for pushing it back so we could focus on making the dance special,” Student council co-sponsor Ms.Laura Schuhwerk said.  

Schuhwerk decided that putting off Homecoming until December will help ensure that the dance is extra special.

“We know so many students have missed out on the typical high school experience up until now so having more time to plan and really make the dance a fun night for students was important to us,” Schuhwerk said.

Along with the change of date, there are also different protocols students and staff must follow when attending this year’s Homecoming dance. 

Dr. Shelly Vogler explained that there will be additional rules students must follow to attend the Homecoming dance.

Masks are required of everyone. The venue is large which will allow for safe social distances.  All outside guests must adhere to our school rules and wear masks,” Vogler said.

While there are mandates that must be enforced, there are also traditional rules regarding requirements for going to Homecoming.

“At this time we do not have grade restrictions. However, students who are suspended are not permitted to attend,” Vogler said.

A common question amongst students, homecoming dates from other schools, are they allowed at Homecoming this year? Superintendent Dr. Kevin Carl answered that question. 

“We are going to permit outside dates to Homecoming. We are looking forward to seeing students being able to bring a guest from another school to our Homecoming event,” Carl said  “The expectations are the guest will follow all of our safety protocols which are in place during Homecoming.”