Opinion: Despite the Fights, Student Walkout Still Fought the Good Fight


Skylar Alivernia , Junior

On Monday the 8th at approximately 12:20 pm, a planned student walkout took place. The walkout was in support of those who have been added to the growing number of sexual assault and wrongful administration movements. About ten to fifteen students went up to share emotional stories of how they’ve been wronged. 

Most students had the utmost respect for those who were speaking, and telling their stories. On the other hand, there were a few students who continued to laugh throughout the students’ stories. About thirty-five minutes into the walkout a student spoke up about the constant laughing and disruption. This started a verbal argument that was quickly shut down. Students then continued sharing stories. 

About twenty minutes later two of the students who went up to share pointed out a student. Who they went on to say assaulted them. This almost caused a physical altercation between that student and another male student who was attempting to stick up for the girls. At this point our walkout had to be shut down and the police got involved. Later inside a physical altercation broke out, completely unrelated to the walkout. They were fighting about how they looked at one another. 

It’s very frustrating and disappointing that students would be that disrespectful. Students were sharing their stories of sexual assault, and rape. What could you have possibly found funny? 

Being part of the walkout, and someone who shared while being laughed at in this situation is very frustrating. Most of our valid points and messages were tarnished by petty fights and arguments afterwards. Something that was meant to be peaceful and insightful was ruined by a few students who decided to skip class on our behalf. It took a lot out of people to go up and share their experiences while being laughed at. Now it seems it was all for nothing. 

With that being said I am very proud of the girls who shared their stories and were brave and strong enough to let their voices be heard. To the students who were there to genuinely support others, I’m very proud of you too. These issues need to be heard and known.