Meet The New Counselors


Mrs.Macy and Miss. Badami

Madison Puckett, Sophomore Editor

We have several new faces at HHS this year, new students, and new staff members, including our two new counselors, Mrs. Angela Macy and Miss. Alyssa Badami. 

When choosing a place to work, Mrs. Macy and Miss. Badami choose HHS because it fits the needs and desires that they had when getting a new job at a new school.

Miss. Badami chose Hancock because she thought it was the best choice for her out of all of her other options 

“It just ‘felt’ right to me, Hancock was the only place I saw myself working,” Badami said 

Mrs. Macy choose Hancock because it had everything she was looking for in her ideal working environment 

“I was looking for a progressive district that had a sense of community and strong leadership, also the previous high school I worked at had 1700 students so working in a high school with 400 was very exciting,” Macy said

Mrs. Macy and Miss. Badami used to have a student counselor relationship, however, they now work together. Miss. Badami was sent by her college back to her old high school, Northwest High School in Cedar Hill, for her master’s program.

“My college put me back at my old high school and with Mrs. Macy. that is when I finally got to thank her for inspiring me, now we are three years past and I get to work with her again,” Badami said

Miss.Badami chose to become a counselor so she can help students that might be going through something similar to what she had during high school.

“I was dealing with something pretty traumatic, Mrs.Macy was available so I told her everything. I assumed she was going to be very judgemental about my situation, but to my surprise, she wasn’t at all,” Badami said “She was the first person who actually listened to me and empathized with my situation. After that day I knew I wanted to be a school counselor so I could help people how she helped me.”

Mrs.Macy decided to become a counselor because she thought with her background and skills that a career in counseling would be the perfect fit for her.

“No one in my family attended college, most of my family worked in factories or didn’t work at all. Growing up in poverty, I knew that college was my only way out at the time. Luckily I loved school so college made sense,” Macy said.  “I am also a strong believer in advocating for those who don’t have the voice, skills, or resources to do it themselves. This belief along with my background led me to the profession of counseling.”