Cocoa For Caring


StuCo selling coca

Lela Zeilman, Sophomore

On December 22nd HHS StuCo hosted a “Cocoa For Caring” event before 1st hour. All proceeds go to the Lemay community. StuCo and Renaissance took into consideration when deciding where your donations go and found that this would be the safest place, keeping it in the community. 

“During our meeting (to approve events), Dr. Vogler mentioned this woman (Mrs.Rischbieter) who collects money for families in the Lemay community, to get them food and clothing so we thought since its directly affecting families at school and in our community we thought that she would be best,” Ms. Laura Schuhwerk, Art teacher said.

When it comes to using the money raised in the best way Mrs. Sherry Riscbieter Director of Guidance and Community Outreach uses all of her options to find the right families to adopt. 

 “It stays right here, it’s all Hancock families and we identify them as we’re out and about or if a teacher noticed if a kid is on a zoom and can’t focus, due to not having food in the house.”  

Many families have benefited from her work throughout the years, the best part is, it all stays in the community. This year they were able to adopt about 270 families and provide them with food and Christmas gifts. 

“If families are short on food, we will buy them a grocery gift card or go buy them food,” Mrs.Riscbieter said. 

All together StuCo was able to raise $124 towards helping to get these families what they need this holiday season.