Highlights Of Spirit Week


Credits to (Nicole Herman)

Madison Puckett, Freshman

This past Spirit Week December 14th-18th consisted of 5 different festive apparel options. Monday was class colors, Tuesday was ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday hats, Wednesday was dress up as your favorite Christmas movie/book character, Thursday was the traditional twin day, and finally, Friday was Christmas pajama day.

In previous years STUCO is known for hosting Spirit Weeks consisting of homecoming, pep rallies, and different days to dress up. Even though COVID-19 has changed this school year tremendously, STUCO wanted to see if they could have a successful Spirit Week regardless of the restrictions.

 “It honestly was difficult, because of covid we had to do things within the restrictions. I believe that it still turned out really good though and people had fun. hopefully, next year covid won’t be in the way and we can do more fun and exciting things here at HPHS,” said STUCO member Marissa Enright 

With all the changes and restrictions to Spirit Week, students have their own opinion on how it went.

“Yes, I did really like Spirit Week. It’s fun seeing everyone dress up as Santa, wearing PJS, twinning. Kinda shows who’s everyone’s really close friends by who they twinned with. I do believe it was still fun even with the restrictions we have,” said in-person student ( 9th grade) Zillynn Watt

While participating virtually is meant to be an awesome opportunity, it is most definitely different from participating in person. A virtual student expresses their viewpoint on a virtual Spirit Week.

“Spirit Week was fun! and even though I was at home, I had a fun time participating,” said virtual student (9th grade) Leyxi Parker.

Now that Spirit Week is over, it has been calculated that the sophomores had the most participants. Freshman expresses their opinion on the big winners!

“Sophomores won, I feel like it happens.. when you don’t get a lot of people participating… But, we got it next time,” Said Watt