In-Person to Virtual


Zoom Classes

Anna Tisdale, Sophomore

Around mid-October of this year, the students and parents were given a form as to which type of schooling they wanted. 32% of the student body chose to stay virtual while 68% wanted to go back in person. But as the months passed, 16% of the in-person students had switched to virtual.

“I switched from in-person to virtual because I felt unsafe considering the influx of COVID-19 cases currently. I also don’t like waking up and walking to school, to be honest,” Senior Samantha Pressdee said.

As COVID-19 cases rise, so do the virtual kids. Many kids do not want to risk it and would be virtual. Out of the 68% of original in-person students, only 52% of them have stayed in-person.

“When families request a switch they give a reason and for the majority of the families, it was because of COVID-19 concerns with spiking numbers,” Principal Dr. Shelly Vogler said.

It is not only up to the student but also to the family as to what type of learning they want. For some kids, it is their family who pulls them out of in-person.

“(As) COVID-19 increased, my dad was worried so he had me switched,” Sophomore Emily Anderson said. Next semester, if COVID-19 continues to increase, she will be staying virtually.

Most people who have switched over the past two months are expected to stay online. While for others, it is still up in the air what they want to do.

“I honestly do have to reevaluate my decision for going back to the second semester. I fell kinda torn on both sides,” Pressdee said.