New Teacher Feature: Ms. Alexis Bell


Anna Tisdale, Sophomore

One of our many new additions of teachers to our school this year is our Special School District (SSD) teacher, Ms. Alexis Bell. 

Bell currently teaches two classes, CBVI and Life Skills. While CBVI is outside of school, Life skills are here at HHS. It is a class that teaches students skills they will need to know outside of school. She also co-teaches with Mrs. McMurray and Mrs. Nelson.

Bell is originally from South Carolina and had just moved to St. Louis in the past year. 

“I moved to St. Louis this summer with my fiance and cat, Maize. My fiance is currently a PhD student at Washington University, which is why I wanted to find a job here in St. Louis,” Bell said. “After interviewing at multiple places, I knew that Hancock would be the best place for me. Even though I am not used to the cold weather yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to explore the city.”

Bell graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s in early childhood education in 2018. After graduating, she stayed in her previous student teaching position to earn her master’s in Special Education. She then went on and worked with a postsecondary education program, CarolineLIFE. While working for it, she knew she wanted to work with high school students.

Bell also talked about her family of six sisters and two brothers. She was the middle child and grew up helping her younger siblings. Which sparked her interest in teaching. 

“This is my first year (of) teaching! I graduated from my master’s program this summer at the University of South Carolina. I am so excited to begin my first year teaching at Hancock,” Bell said. 

Just in her short amount of time here at HHS, she has been very welcomed. 

“I have had a wonderful year so far at Hancock! All the teachers, staff, and administration here are so welcoming and make coming to work very fun, especially my department..shoutout SSD,” Bell said.