Review of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown


Saturday night of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Anna Tisdale, Sophomore

After many weeks and long practices, our HHS Spotlight Players performed You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. While we were not able to enjoy it in person, it was just as great virtually. I, like, many others tuned in to the live musical on the last performance, Saturday night. 

There were many scenes that I loved, but one especially caught my eye. The scene where Snoopy (Evan Saunders) was on top of his dog house in his own little world. Snoopy was sitting on top of his dog house talking to himself, thinking out loud. It was a very mellow tone of the show and very calming. Every time that Snoopy had to sing he gave it his all. Which kept me intrigued. 

Another scene that I found interesting was when the cast was tap dancing while singing, even just dancing in general. They all seemed to just be in the moment and really love what they were doing. 

The costumes were just amazing, they were so close, if not, to the real outfits the characters worn in Charlie Brown. It was almost as if we were seeing the real deal. 

Throughout the whole musical the acting and the cast kept me interested. Even if I got distracted, they would pull me back. Sometimes just by a couple of words, they said, singing, dancing, and just noises. 

Although we were watching virtually, I could just tell that the atmosphere was happy and flowy. Their hearts were in it and it showed right through the screen. This just made me want to keep watching. It also got me to thinking about what it would be like if I was with them in that room. 

The crew and producers did an amazing job with conducting and all of the behind the scenes. Which I give them major props for, being a crew member is difficult and calls for fast action. Which is exactly what we got, fast action. The producers planned and executed an amazing musical. 

The cast did excellently performing virtually. They have never done something like this before, but you would not know that if you just watched them. It looked all-natural. 

The audio and visuals were a bit glitchy but that is just due to connection and just plain internet.  Overall, I was very satisfied with the outcome of the musical and want to congratulate everyone who acted or helped with the musical. If I had to grade this performance, it would be 10/10 for me.