My Ecstatic Experience At The Movies!


Tahtyona Hardin, Freshman

Two weekends ago I decided to go and see for myself what it’s like in a movie theater these days. I went and saw the movie Freaky at Ronnie’s Cinema.

We entered through the entrance. The doors were specifically marked entrance and exit. This was weird because all the doors used to be open. Be sure you read the signs and save yourself some embarrassment.

When we got there, there was a lady at the front door who greeted us. She asked to see our ticket and informed us that all food services were unavailable. 

Picking a movie, there are limited opinions, there are a few new movies. The rest are outdated Christmas movies. I remember before the pandemic they had all of the best movies.

Once we got to our seats they all have a tag that says the seats have been clean. It was weird there were never any pieces of paper before.

There are restrictions on seating. Only a few are open and they are two seats apart from the people next to you. At least you don’t have to deal with the weird dude sitting next to talking the whole time.

While they say they have been cleaned in the image you can see there is some sort of chocolate in the cupholder. How have they cleaned the seats?

In the bathrooms only a few are open. One between the other is closed. For example, one will say closed then the next will be open. The ones that are not open say temporarily closed. The sinks that are closed as well. Even though the sinks say this they still work. Although the bathrooms are locked.

I feel like it has stayed the same it was an overall good experience.

There are very few people there and I feel as though it is safe. I think they should maybe clean the seats better as people will be sitting there multiple times a day.

Ronnie’s Cinema is currently only open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can order your tickets online.

Masks are mandatory, even while watching the movie.