District Considering Bond Issue


Vestibule safety is one of the priorities of the upcoming bond issue

Lela Zeilman, Sophomore

The Hancock Place School District will have a bond issue up for the next election on April 6th, 2021. In a no-tax-increase bond issue, voters are essentially deciding if the HPSD can go ahead and get $13 million from a private lender. If the voters say “yes” to the bond issue, there are many new improvements that the district will be able to accomplish.

“The district will be able to replace, renovate, redesign and repair many items throughout the district that would not have otherwise been possible through regular budgetary means,” Mr. Tony Chance, HPSD Director of Finance, said.

This list includes but isn’t limited to, district vestibule safety, parking lot overlays, Heinie Meinie renovations, new elementary school library, new elementary school gym, retaining wall behind middle/high school, and much more.

“Facility projects are identified over the course of several years. These projects typically exceed available resources in the annual budget. Mr. Chance said. They are earmarked as long-term improvement plans and a bond issue is recommended to fulfill those needs which include input from the facilities committee, community, staff, and administration. The projects are then prioritized.”

If on April 6th, the voters say “no” and the bond doesn’t pass it doesn’t mean that we can’t complete anything on the list.

“The district has some money set aside for capital project items but would only be able to accomplish one or two items on the list,” Mr. Chance said. “The district would have to make some serious decisions about how needed projects throughout the district could be accomplished.”