HHS Live Streaming Sporting Events On YouTube


Brandalyn Brown, Freshman

In this current pandemic situation, some schools aren’t able to participate in sports or even go back to school. HHS is allowing sports to play, but no fans in the audience. They have planned to live stream every game, so friends and family can enjoy the game from a distance. 

A lot of good reactions have been coming through, but some are still not completely satisfied. 

The reactions have been really positive so far,” Mr. Steve Kelly, HHS Athletic Director, said. “Obviously parents and fans are disappointed they cannot attend games in-person, but this is the next best thing. The way in which the camera works makes watching this similar to watching a professional sporting event at home.”

So, even though some fans aren’t the happiest with this outcome, HHS is trying to make it as if they are watching a professional game at home.

Views are a big part of this situation. If these events aren’t getting views, what is the point in going live? 

Kelly stated, “The first boys varsity game has been watched over 500 times on YouTube. During the game itself, we had somewhere around 100 people watching it live at home.” 

Live streaming in your own district and at your home school isn’t a problem, but when teams travel to other schools, there is a chance Hancock may not be able to live stream. Kelly said that other schools will in fact have live set-ups as well and will stream on Facebook or YouTube. If fans are wanting to tune into away games and are not sure how to view them, Kelly will be informing us all where they can be seen and viewed. 

I will put out daily where to view away games on my Twitter account (@HPTigers),” Kelly said.

A question that seems to cross a lot of people’s minds is the cost. Will live streams cost? How much? Kelly lets us know about the games that cost, and the ones that will not.

“We are able to offer all games during the regular season for free, but once we get to District playoffs, there will be a cost to view the live stream. This is something the state association (MSHSAA) has put in place and we don’t have any control over it,” he said.

Hancock has no control over the need to pay for the more important games, but Districts are the only ones needed to be paid for at this moment.

These live streams can all be found on YouTube. Subscribe to ‘Hancock Place Athletics’ on the platform and tune into all sport events.