STUCO Election- Who were the big winners?


Jaqueline Silva, Freahman

On November 11, we had a STUCO election for students who ran for their own grade level. These are this year’s big winners. 

For the freshman class, Joseph Luong won for President, Renae Schroeder for Vice President. 

No one wanted to be Freshmen president,” Luong said. “So I decided to put on my big boy pants and said ‘You know what, I’ll go for it.’”

Luong wants to be a president who represents his classmates.

“My plan is to listen to people in my class and their problems, but the only problem is that it is a little hard since we’re in a pandemic and we are limited to what we can do.” Luong stated.

Freshman Madison Puckett ran for secretary and won. 

“I was always told that once you get in high school you should get involved as much as possible, and student council seemed perfect for me and my interest,” Puckett said. “So I decided to try and be a secretary because I’m more of an introverted person, so a position that I can mostly keep to myself was my preferred option.”

Puckett also wants to help, especially this year. She said, “My plan is to help make things happen and come up with some ideas so we can give our students a semi-normal year.” 

They both also plan on running again next year. Luong stated,“I will run next year because why not run.” Puckett said, “I do want to run next year but I’m thinking of a different position, maybe vice president.”

As for the Sophomores, Lela Zeilman won for President and Anna Tisdale for Vice President. For Zeilman, this isn’t new to her. 

“I was the class president last year, so it just made sense to run this year,” Zeilman said. “A big deciding factor in running is the fact that I am college-bound. Colleges LOVE leadership, so if I can show that on my college apps I am hopefully more likely to be picked. I also just really love the atmosphere of StuCo, so it was a no-brainer to get involved as much as I could.” 

Zeilman also said she wants to make this year a year to remember.

“Sophomore year is a year that most forget about later on in life. I want to change that,” she said. “This year being in a pandemic will already be remembered, but where’s the fun in only remembering COVID-19? I want to make this year fun.” 

She and Vice President Anna Tisdale are looking into setting up school wide Zoom conferences, games, and raffles.

“I’m very excited to see what this year has in store!” Zeilman said.

No Junior ran for any position this year, so all  spots are still open for anyone who would like to run.

For Senior President Amir Ugarak won and Angeles Hernadez for Senior Vice President. 

Senior Amir Ugarak said he ran in this year’s election because he felt that he would be a “good candidate for the position.”

Ugarak plans on bringing new stuff to school. He stated, “My plan for my grade level, the school, and STUCO is to bring new events to our school.” He wants to bring events like spring study sessions, after school for finals and spring assemblies with activities between grades.