New Teacher Feature: Evan Bosaw


Delaney Hart

Mr.Bosaw demonstrates how to play the new song.

Delaney Hart, Junior

Evan Bosaw is one of the new Fine Arts teachers. He has all the music classes, including band, guitar, piano, and helped with the school musicals. 

Coming to HHS Mr.Bosaw has felt very welcomed and a part of the Tiger family. 

“My favorite thing about HHS has been how kind and supportive the administration and my colleagues have been during my first year here,” Bosaw said.

Connecting with students as a new teacher is hard enough, but it’s been even harder during Covid. Bosaw still makes it work. 

“I feel that I was able to form many connections very quickly with students through the shared experience of music making!” Bosaw exclaimed.

Mr. Bosaw has been teaching for four years. Being a teacher comes with a lot of fun times and good memories. 

Bosaw said, “My favorite part of teaching is getting to share the fun and joy of performing music with all of my ensemble students.”

With these good times comes some hardships. One of the hardest parts of teaching for Bosaw is approaching every lesson with multiple angles, so every and any student can understand. 

Bosaw is from Troy Illinois, where he attended Triad High School. He then attended McKendree University. He is married and is a new father to a son named Emmett. 

Outside of school Bosaw loves to play watersports. He loves cooking new foods from different cultures. Bosaw also enjoys just playing and listening to music for himself.