Students reaction to changes in lunch


Joseph Luong, Freshmen

During this COVID pandemic, HHS has opened up for in-person students, as well as allowing students to continue learning virtually. In addition to learning, everyone had made a lot of adjustments. One of the main adjustments everyone had to make is how lunch works now. I’ve got some reactions from some of the HHS students and what they have to say.

Freshmen Chloe Horrell had a positive reaction to these changes. 

“I think the main change for lunch is having to sit so far away from each other and how some of the kids have to sit in the library and the rest have to go to the cafeteria,” Horrell said. “I think the rules for lunch are good because it keeps us all socially distanced and keeps us safe.”

Another student, freshmen Marissa Enright, had a good reaction to these changes as well.

“I think the main change for lunch would definitely have to be the seating. Before covid we got to sit by our friends and sit closer to them now we unfortunately can’t,” Enright said. “I think the adjustments are understandable and somewhat reasonable.

Enright also said that the choices of food in lunch is enough and the new rule where we have three lunches is okay, but it starts a little too soon.

“I think the choices we get are enough, I mean we get free food so if you complain about what you’re getting it’s kinda greedy,” Enright added, “I also think the three lunches are okay, the timing of the lunches are a different story though personally I think we eat a bit early and I wish that we ate a little later maybe around 11:45 something like that.”

Now moving on to Curtis Schnieders, a HHS freshmen. Schnieders had a pretty negative reaction to these changes. 

“Social distancing. It is hard to talk to people at lunch now” Schnieders said. “I understand why the changes have been made, but I don’t like them,” Schnieders continued. “Lunch now is a lot different, for example social distancing makes lunch a lot less social. I sit down, I already have my own lunch since I brought in my own lunch, and eat.” 

Schnieders doesn’t mind the food choices as he brings his own lunch to school and he thinks that the three lunches are safe.

“I bring my own lunch to school, but I’ve heard that the lunches they serve are bad,” Schnieders said. “I think that school is safer with three lunches and it lets people space out more, so pathogens spread less at lunch.”