New Teacher Feauture: Mr. James Jenkins


Alayna Ortiz, Senior

Guidance Counselor Mr. James Jenkins is one of the new staff members at HHS.

Jenkins graduated from Lindenwood University and was a lighting specialist before becoming a counselor.

He took the job at HHS because he could tell in the interview that Hancock is a strong community of educators that truly care about their students.

Jenkins stated, “I could tell Hancock is an environment where they put their students first. Staff members know most of the students’ names, and they take the time out of their day to get to know them.”

He saw that our administration cares for all students’ well-being and futures. He was influenced in becoming a counselor because of things he grew up around. The importance of taking a job like his is to understand what the children are going through, and because of his childhood, Jenkins is able to relate to some of the students.

“Growing up around a lot of drugs and violence caused me to want a way out of that environment. Education afforded me the opportunity to provide a better life for myself and my family,” Jenkins said.

As a counselor, he hopes to help students reach their goals while also helping students get ready for what they want to do after high school. Being able to help students achieve their goals and have a guide to figure out future plans is important. At such a small school, Jenkins is able to personally meet with almost all students and figure out what their aspirations are.

He finds a lot of capability and potential in all the students at HHS. Students sometimes just need guidance to be able to get out and actually succeed in what they want. This way students can reach their goals and have a wealthy future.

“Our students are very capable, have tons of potential and many of them need encouragement to step into the unknown in order to unlock that potential,” he said.

A lot of students have goals they are wanting to accomplish and Jenkins is the person to go to if any student has any questions. He is more than happy to help and guide students in the right direction.