Meet The New College Adviser: Jordan Hladyshewsky


Madisyn Reid, Senior

Every two years a new college adviser is assigned to our school and this year we have received a new one. Jordan Hladyshewsky, a graduate from MIZZOU, was assigned to Hancock Place to help students with plans for college. 

While in college, Hladyshewsky worked at a tattoo shop and thought that was going to be his career. 

“At the time, I realized that the place I was working at wasn’t for me, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. That’s when I chose to head in a different direction and try something new,” he said.  

‘Mr. H’, as he suggests students call him, didn’t intend on becoming a college adviser.

“When I was in high school, I didn’t have the resources that students have now. A college adviser would have helped me tremendously back then, so that is why I decided to take the job,” Hladyshewsky said. “It was actually really random. I had gotten an email asking if I wanted to be a college adviser, and at the time I was working somewhere I didn’t like. I decided to take the job and try something new out.” 

When making decisions about college, students truly need the right information and resources. Mr. H believes that he is able to lead them in the right direction towards success. 

“All students deserve to have an equal opportunity, and by being here I feel that I am able to give them that,” Hladyshewsky said.

Whether a student is online or in person, they are able to meet with Hladyshewsky during the school day. It’s as easy as signing up on a piece of paper or sending an email.

“Students are allowed to schedule a meeting with me where we can discuss different topics regarding college. During this time of year, it is common for seniors to begin applying to colleges, and sometimes that can be difficult. Especially with everything going on with Covid,” Hladyshewsky said. 

Hladyshewsky plans to continue his work at Hancock Place for the next two years. Depending on how everything turns out, he would like to stay here for many more years after his intended stay. With only being here for almost five months, Hladyshewsky feels that he made the right decision to take on the job of a college adviser. 

“The students here are amazing, and it truly feels like a good environment to work in. I’m grateful that I am able to help students out with some of the problems I had back when I was in high school.”