Behind the Scenes of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown


Anna Tisdale, Sophomore

The HHS Spotlight Players will be performing their first production of the year later this week of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. A collection of Charlie Brown episodes mixed together. This play was chosen due to the limited amount of cast needed, which helps prevents the spread of COVID-19.

“Everyone is masked, even when performing, so that has been our biggest safety precaution, as well as ensuring everyone is always at least six feet apart. We’ve staged everything to make sure every person is socially distanced and there’s no touching at all,” Social Studies and Theater Arts teacher Courtney Denton said. 

Although there are many precautions taken, the crew and producers are all having a great time. They have not let anything stop them from having fun. 

“Doing the musical is basically the same as it’s always been,” Junior Trenton Teague said.  “I love to do this stuff and I won’t stop until I’m told.”

Being under the circumstances of social distancing has changed how they have fun while they create a musical. 

“It has been an extremely unique experience rehearsing a production during these times. So much of the performing arts is based on the intricacies and uniqueness of interpersonal interactions,” Music Teacher Evan Bosaw said. “Not being able to have performers touch or even come close to being near one another has forced all of us to think outside of the box in how we create a high quality and entertaining show that meets all of the guidelines for safe gathering.” 

Although we only get to see the upfront action, there is a lot going on backstage that helps the musical go smoothly. The directors, crew, and actors have become friends so quickly. 

“It has been an awesome experience watching the actors and actresses work hard on their performance, and it has also been fun doing work behind the scenes and seeing all the work that gets put into a production like this,” Sophomore Megan Smith said.  “Ww are doing the best with what we can, and we are trying to still make it fun for everyone to enjoy, despite the circumstances.” 

Since people will not be able to see the musical in person, Bosaw and Denton have had to be creative with the viewing. 

“The show will be live-streamed through a ticketing service which can be found and purchased here. Tickets are free for everyone and performances are December 3-5 at 7 pm from the safety and comfort of your home; all you need is to get a ticket from that link and you’ll get the streaming information. We hope you all enjoy our COVID safe performance because this cast and crew have worked so hard to make this a great show for everyone,” Denton said.