New Teacher Feature: Miss Laura Schuhwerk


Miss Schuhwerk in action!

Tahtyona Hardin, Freshman

We have a new art teacher this year, and her name is Miss Laura Schuhwerk. 

She took the job at HHS because she saw the potential for stability. 

“I worked in the city for most of my teaching career this far and due to the constant turnover of teachers and administration. It was always very challenging to create a positive school culture,” Schuhwerk said.  “I really wanted to be in a school that had a sense of pride and positivity established, and to me, Hancock fit that bill.”

Schuhwerk liked what she saw when researching the HHS staff.

“I found that administration and teacher turnover was very low, which is a good sign when applying to a new school,” Schuhwerk said. “It showed me that the people that worked here were dedicated and cared about the school.” 

Schuhwerk also said how she can relate to her high school teacher now that she is one. 

I think back about how I didn’t understand the work she put into teaching us various techniques,” Schuhwerk said. “Some days she seemed frazzled and I absolutely understand that feeling now–teaching can be tough work! I appreciate her more now than I did back when I was in high school.” 

She also said her favorite experience here at Hancock was getting to know the people. 

“I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone. It’s a strange year to be the new teacher but everyone has been very welcoming and I felt a sense of belonging almost immediately,” she said.

Freshman Chloe Horrell likes how Miss Schuhwerk is informative and detailed in her teaching. 

She will take the time to help you if you are confused on how to do something in class or she will show examples of the project we are going to be working on so we have an idea of what we will be doing for our next project,” Horrell said. 

Horrell finds Schuhwerk to be very helpful.

“She has helped me in many different ways, one of the ways she has helped me is, on one of the projects we were working on I didn’t understand how to draw the designs so she taught me different techniques on how I could draw the designs correctly.”  

Horrell also said how she likes her way of grading.

“She grades our work for effort and hard work instead of our art skills/abilities.”

Miss Schuhwerk went to St. Louis Community College for her first two years of college and transferred to Webster University where she finished up her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. She later went on to UMSL to receive her teaching certification, and she’s currently in Lindenwood’s Masters of School Counseling program. 

Miss Schuhwerk says how her family greatly impacts her life.

“I have three older sisters and am really close with them so I would say they definitely have a big influence on my life,” Schuhwerk said.

She also stated how her mom raised her to be the caring empathetic person she is today.

“My mom raised us to always take care of others and this really built a sense of compassion and caring in me and my sisters. We often volunteer (when Covid is not the norm) for various organizations such as Sweet Celebrations, Kids in the Middle, and other opportunities as they present themselves,” she said. “I think getting out into one’s community to help others who are struggling has a huge impact on your life and helps you develop a sense of responsibility and empathy for others.”