History: The Most Valuable Subject

Azir Sibic, Sophomore Writer

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School is meant to prepare you to assimilate easily into society. Lots of valuable information is learned in school, but learning the world’s history is the most valuable knowledge that is taught in schools.   

Learning history can genuinely change you as a person, likely for the better. Nothing about any other subject learned at school can change you. For example when you learn how to use a new formula in a math class, congratulations, you now know, but that’s it. Nothing about your worldview or personality is changed.  History can change your worldview though. If you learn about a minority group of people in a country that has been oppressed and denied economic equality for decades, that will impact you. You will wonder, “Was this just?” “Is anything like this happening today?” “Do these past events impact the present day?”

History is a study of humans. The more you learn about your fellow humans, the better you become as a person. You’ll become more compassionate and aware. In a representative democracy like the United States, the knowledge of human history will make you vote and encourage legislation that improves the lives of everyone. The knowledge of history will encourage you to uplift the people around you, unlike many other subjects learned in schools.