Student Choice


Students stand in line for lunch

Delaney Hart, Sophomore Writer

Student choice is a newly found program that allows students to pick what food they want served here at HHS. In the past years, not many students have eaten school lunch. With the start of this program, the hopes are that more students will eat lunch. With that being said, since the start of this line, many students that don’t normally eat, have come to lunch.

When asking sophomore Jordan Wynn if the line should change more often, he responded, ” I would love for the line to change more often. The food gets exhausting and boring to eat, everything is predictable.”

Our school lunches are very heavily related to meat only. This can be an issue because there are vegetarians at HHS. Many of these students that don’t eat meat are having to eat the same thing everyday. With this program, it will allow these students to have a say in what kind of food they would like to eat, other than the few choices they have.

“I eat cheese pizza everyday,” said freshman Nylah Portell, one of the vegetarians at our school.

With that being said, if there was a vegetarian choice, more students than just the vegetarians, are likely to eat out of the line. Any new options for vegetarians and students can be a way to bring about healthier options.

“I would definitely eat from it. I’d love it, the promotion of healthier alternatives,” stated Wynn(11).

This program is supposed to continue through the year, and hopefully grow throughout the years. Just because this program is new for us, doesn’t mean that Student Choice hasn’t been thoroughly thought through and has considered what the students want. Student Choice is here for you!