Tech Interns In Action


Mariah Stewart(12) and James Anderson(12) explore the VR headsets

Paige Stroup and Kaydince Middleton

Two seniors work as interns in our own HHS chromeland. Mariah Stewart and James Anderson have been specially picked, and work two hours a day in chromeland. Anderson has been in chromeland for three years, and Stewart started last year, and they have both showed the skills needed to be interns.

“We basically take care of elementary chromebooks. If the teachers have problems with their smart board we go down there and help them fix it. The most we have ever seen from an elementary school is just a broken screen. They aren’t very destructive because they can’t take them home. We also help Mr. North out, and handle all responsibility,” said Stewart.

In previous classes, they have learned how to manage a broken chromebook, as well as how to take it apart and build it back up. The students are picked by Mr. North, the technology teacher, personally due to their productivity. They have more freedom, and are there to guide other students. 

“Mariah and James were chosen on a number of factors. They both had previously taken the class before and demonstrated outstanding skills in Chromebook repair and leadership.  They both were in good academic standing and had the flexibility in their schedule to have two hours available for the internship,” Mr. North said. “They had both demonstrated the maturity necessary to work independently without my direct supervision while at the elementary and middle school. They demonstrate by taking the class in previous years. Additionally, I believe that they will be great role models for the Digital Citizenship lessons that they will teach at the elementary.”

These Digital Citizenship lessons will teach students how to manage themselves online, as well as how to use technology safely. During 3rd and 4th hour, you can go to chromeland for a chromebook screen fix, chromebook keyboard, or a charger, and you will find the two of them in there. Going between fixing chromebooks from the elementary, middle, and high school, thing are fairly consistent in what they have to fix.

Stewart and Anderson agreed that, “The most interesting thing we do is fix different types of technology, like the iPad, touch screen chromebooks, and the regular chromebooks.” 

They have built up their skills and know how to handle thinking on their feet when they are faced with any new obstacles. With such a hands on experience, the two have added more tools to their toolboxes and are gaining more knowledge about technology, as well as how to fix these parts. Before they graduate, Stewart and Anderson both hope to finish this year strong with their HHS internship.