Clarissa Feeler Shines Bright


Mekhyli Gordon, Junior Writer

Here at HHS,  there are many bright, talented, and involved students. This student seems to be one of the students that shines the brightest. From painting the library annex to helping the spotlight players, she makes her mark on this school and does it well. She’s unique, she’s talented, she’s helpful, and she’s senior Clarissa Feeler.

“I would say that I am very proud of my annex painting. Although it is not precise as I wanted it to be, I still think it looks really good,” Clarissa Feeler said. The annex painting is in front of the new and transformed student library on the first floor that used to be a teacher’s lounge, and it took quite a while for her to finish that piece.

Clarissa is a bright girl who has tons of potential. She’s one of the most involved students at HHS. Clarissa has spent hours, sometimes even weeks, working on projects for the school. Being President of the Spotlight Players, handling all set designs, and stage managing is a lot to do. It takes devotion and motivation. 

“The main thing that motivates me the most is time. I know it’s cheesy, but it really is true. Being a senior, I don’t have much more time in high school, so this kind of leaves my mark,” Feeler stated. 

Leadership can make or break a person. It’s a quality skill that some possess. Leadership shines bright in Feeler: taking charge of set designs, making sure everything is painted just the right way, and even showing her additional talents on stage while acting. Performing on stage and leading backstage, Feeler proves what she can do and how well she can do it. She leads with purpose. 

“She is a terrific leader and I can always count on her to do what needs to be done and to be able to lead others in activities,” Mrs. Laura Cummiskey, ELA and Drama teacher, said. 

Being such a big part of Spotlight Players, a club for students interested in acting, Feeler and Cummiskey have worked together on several occasions. They have come together to make every play as good as it can possibly get, possibly even better than that. Between the two managing painting, directing, etc., it’s bound to make magic; the magic that comes while working with someone on various things. 

“I have been working with Clarissa for four years and I have been delighted to watch her grow into an awesome young woman,” Cummiskey claims. Clarissa Feeler has shown nothing but leadership, determination, and precision to HHS. She has given the school an amazing library annex, beautiful set designs and displayed her remarkable talents. She has definitely left her mark on the school.