Seniors Shine Bright

Volleyball seniors finish their season


Seniors (from left to right) Marisa Ackman, Mariah Stewart, Mckenzie Mitchell, and Chloe Porter pose after senior night

Paige Stroup and Kaydince Middleton

You spike, you dig, you win. HHS had four seniors playing volleyball this year: Mariah Stewart, McKenzie Mitchell, Marisa Ackman, and Chloe Porter. Stewart and Mitchell both played all four years, but for Porter and Ackman only played their senior year. 

Stewart, the front middle, said, “My responsibly is to hit and block. Playing all four years I will miss because I won’t be playing in college. Senior night, and being on the leaderboards is definitely my favorite memories from all four years. If it wasn’t for freshman year, I would have never started playing.”

Stewart has played volleyball, basketball, and soccer throughout the years. She also plays basketball with a team outside of our school, and has flourished with her athleticism, and academics. Stewart and Mitchell have played volleyball together for the past four years, and have greatly increased their teamwork.

While Mitchell plays almost the same position as Stewart, she said, “On the court, I am middle front and back row. In the front I am reasonable for hitting and blocking; in the back I am responsible in digging and receiving. The competition and teamwork we all had… I fell in love with over the years. I look forward to playing in college.”

Mitchell has played volleyball and soccer for the past four years, and after the volleyball season ended, she said that she already missed it. Although Porter has only played volleyball this year, she grew with the team and found a love for it.

Porter prefers being in the back though, and stated, “When I’m on the court, I am back left. I did serves, receive, and digging. Only playing senior year, I still will miss a lot, like being able to play and the competition and team. The bus rides and every time we won was the best part about volleyball. I hope the college I attend has volleyball so I can continue playing.”

With Porter and Ackman being the newest member on varsity, and playing for their first time with the team, they adjusted very well. The two tried their best, and although they couldn’t end the season together, they supported one another and the team.

Ackman sadly got injured this year, in which she couldn’t play for the rest of the season. However, she said, “I really wish I would have played all four years of highschool. After I graduate, I’m going to miss all my girls and seeing them everyday. We grew as a team with such a great support system, I loved it. I don’t plan on playing in college but I would love to.” 

These girls have supported each other and built up their teamwork. Although they will all be going into new directions in their life, this year, and finishing off their senior year with this team, is something that they will all cherish.