Another World

Virtual Reality hits HHS


Emily Appleton (12) explores the world of Virtual Reality.

Azir Sibic, Sophomore Writer

Step into a brand new magical world through virtual reality! Here at HHS, virtual reality technology for students and staff to use will soon be in the library and in classrooms. It is intended to be a brand new and enjoyable learning tool for students.

We want to use VR to offer students more immersive experiences than what they can get from just watching a video. These headsets allow students to leave the classroom and step into whatever world or experience their teacher has selected for them,” Mr. North, leader of the project said.

There are 12 portable and easy to use Oculus Quest headsets and additionally, 3 more powerful HTC Vive virtual reality machines. These devices have many applications to help students learn. These apps range from 3D art creation to virtual simulations of real life historical locations. 

“ARVR has the capability to provide vivid experiences that we would most likely not be able to provide students. For example, students can go on a museum tour at the Louvre when studying the Renaissance,” principle Dr. Vogler exclaimed.

Students assisting Mr. North have been testing and using the headsets in order to understand how to operate the technology. 

“The sounds and visuals make VR feel like a personal movie experience,” Jordan Wynn said.

Just recently, the ACP Art History class had the chance to try out the headsets and explore ancient art sites, like the Great Pyramids of Giza. This is just one of the first chances that students in classes have had to use this new technology, and throughout the school year, this technology could be used by many other classes.

VR is part of the new technology that is being infiltrated in schools to make sure that students get the best education needed for them, and it gives students a new way to learn. Although HHS has slowly begun trying out VR, this new technology is one that will stick around for a while.