Fueled For Success

After School Supper Program


Students at HHS get their desired food in the cafeteria.

Noah Masters, Senior Writer

Students at HHS and HMS who stay after school for either athletics, tutoring, clubs, etc, have the ability to go to the cafeteria, between 2:40 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., and grab healthy options of food to take with them, or save for later. Options include freshly prepared hot food, fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt parfaits, etc. What makes this program more popular, is the fact that it has become resourceful to our students and administration. 

I believe that students will continue to eat the free, healthy foods that we provide before they use their own money on hot fries and candy bars.  I think their ability to perform to the best of their ability will occur now that they are fueled with healthy food,” Principal Dr. Shelly Vogler stated.

Now, the program is helping the students to not use their money in buying unhealthy food at a gas station or fast-food restaurant. Also, they will have the nutrients to help them perform to the best of their ability at their activity. 

“I have had the energy and nutrients to help me run faster, longer, and recover after a practice or race. Also, I have recently been moved to the Top Five Runners as a result of this program,” Ben Dixon (12) said.

Cross Country is a mentally and physically tough sport, although with the right nutrients, that convert to energy, runners have the ability to mentally and physically challenge themselves. Not only is cross country affected, but other sports and their athletes are as well.

“I was able to throw the football faster and farther, when practicing plays. I was able to tackle a lot more people than ever because I was more focused on what’s more important,” Anthony Chaney (12) said.

Now that students are able to have free healthy food for after school, there can be an expectancy for more involvement in after school clubs and activities; since the students/players will be fueled for success in their activity of interest. 

“This program keeps them more focused on Football when they are not thinking about how hungry they are. We have already won one more game than last year, so their performance has gotten better,” Football Coach, Mr. Thomas Gal, claimed.

Not only are students able to use this program to their advantage, the coaches can request an order beforehand to hand out at practice or for an event. Now that coaches can use this, they can encourage their players to stay focused and improve as individuals and as a team. Coaches always have something to look forward to, whether it be a smile, improvement, or better teamwork.

This new after school supper program is beneficial to everyone. Our school overall has gotten a better attitude in participating in extracurricular activities and sports, which has positive benefits for everyone. If students are feeling hungry or just need a little energy after school, they can head on down to the cafeteria and soak in the benefits that our new program provides.