Mystery Of A Talented Freshman

Ashley Matamoros one of several freshmen to make a varsity roster this fall


Ashley Matamoros (9) serves the ball against Crossroads College Prep on September 24th.

Anna Tisdale and Lela Zeilman

Ashley Matamoros, a freshman at HHS, defeated the odds this volleyball season and is a part of the Varsity team. She is starting off the season strong as a serving sub and left back. Matamoros currently has a serving percent of 90.28%, which is second over all of the team. She has higher averages than most Freshmen who have been on Varsity.

“I felt proud of myself, surprised of myself. When I talked to my mother, I was elated but, I felt that I did not get the support from my class like I thought I would,” Matamoros stated. 

Matamoros has many supporters, from her mom to her teammates to herself. Although she may be tough on herself at times, it does not stop her from feeling proud of herself and feeling accomplished. She may think that she does not have the support from her class, but she might have been wrong all along.

“I feel so happy that she made Varsity, she really deserves to be on it. I’m happy that one of us [freshmen] were able to prove to people that we are not all bad at sports,” said DeAnna Haynes-McGinnist who plays on the freshmen volleyball team. 

Going on to prove that not all of the freshmen on sports teams are bad at what they love, many of Matamoros’s teammates are very proud of her accomplishments.

“As the season goes on she’s getting way better. At the beginning of the season she was nervous, but what do you expect, it’s all new to her. She’s doing great!” stated Mariah Stewart(12).

Although there will be hardships along the way, Matamoros will not let it defeat her, nor will her teammates let it bring her down. They are right there to help her.

“It is very stressful. I always feel like I am doing something wrong, but my teammates always are quick to bring me up,” Matamoros said.

Matamoros wants everyone to try something new as they approach high school or something out of their comfort zones.

 “This is kind of cliché, but if you try hard and really put grit in there, you can do anything. High School is all about trying things, and you never know until you try,”  Matamoros added.