Homecoming & Spirit Week Kick Off the Competition


Freshmen were posing for Class Colors Day.

Mekhyli Gordon, Junior Writer

It’s that time of the year that everyone loves here at HHS; it’s Homecoming and Spirit Week season. The time our athletes compete for the royal throne of Homecoming King and Queen, the girls and boys get dressed up in their best and craziest looks, and classes compete to show their school spirit in order to win the infamous Spirit Week jug.

“At first, I didn’t like the idea for the homecoming theme at all, but the more we talked about the idea, I feel like it could come out pretty nicely,” states McKenzie Mitchell (12).

This year’s Homecoming brought up a lot of questions. Homecoming will be held on October 5th, in the Middle School gym. Tickets will start selling Monday, September 30th for $10. For the rest of the week, tickets will be sold for $15 each or 2 for $25, and on Homecoming night, it will be $20 for each at the door. Some rumors for the theme were Camping, the Great Outdoors, even Glamping, but none were the actual theme, Camping Under the Stars.

“Initially, I thought it’d be stupid, but as the decoration ideas were displayed, I fell in love with the theme,” said Amira Klokic (12).

With possible fake fires, s’mores stations, and fairy lights for the perfect outdoors theme, Student Council seems to have the Camping Under the Stars theme in the bag. Another thing they seem to have in the bag is this year’s Spirit Week; kicking off Spirit Week on Thursday, 9/26 with class colors, continuing to PJ day which is on Monday 9/30, frat/sorority/vsco day on Tuesday 10/1, tourist day on Wednesday 10/2, character day on Thursday 10/3, and finally blue/gold day on Friday 10/4. 

“I feel like a lot of people are going to be dressing up, which is always fun. I believe it is well diverse, so everyone can enjoy things,” Dario Sajic said (12). 

Powderpuff will also be taking place on Friday, October 4th at Heine Meine. This is where senior and junior girls, who signed up to play, will play against each other in a game of football. This game elicits a large crowd that raises class and school spirit the night before the big night of Homecoming.

There’s excitement in our students for hopes of winning the Spirit Jug, since only one class wins the jug. Our athletes are filled with anticipation for who the Homecoming court winners will be. Everyone has something to look forward to. Whether it is who wins the jug, who wins the crowns, or whether the Seniors, or the Juniors, will win the Powder Puff game, students will be in for a treat.